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Senop focuses on advanced sensor technology for defense and security markets

The Nordic area’s largest manufacturer of night vision devices, Millog Oy, has established a new company called Senop Oy, which will focus...

Patria AMV vehicle selected by the United Arab Emirates

The General Headquarters of the United Arab Emirates’ Armed Forces has ordered Patria AMV 8x8 armoured wheeled vehicles. All details of the...

Vapo and Patria deepen their cooperation

Vapo and Patria have signed a major agreement on cooperation regarding the development of energy solutions and partnership. This...

Patria AMV XP featured at IAV event in London

Patria AMVXP armoured wheeled vehicle is on display at the International Armoured Vehicles 2016 event held in London on the 25th...

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The Patria Group’s result for the first half of the financial period decreased as expected. Net sales were EUR 202.4 million
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