Patria presents its aerospace competences at Paris Air Show June, 20-24th 2011. Especially Patria’s Pilot Training and Avionics Engineering capabilities are showcased with a flight procedure trainer as well as advanced composite technology at Patria’s booth, Hall 4 Booth D4.

Professional ATPL(A) pilot training in Finland

Patria is the leading Flight Training Organisation (FTO) in northern European skies. Hundreds of our students have been employed by various airlines throughout the world. Finland is the sixth largest country in Europe with vast amounts of free airspace and over 25 paved airports available throughout the country. Training in Finland offers not only various domestic destinations but also nearby foreign airports, such as those in the Baltic States and Sweden.

Finland is a full member in JAA/EASA and all licences issued will automatically be based on these rigorous training requirements. The Finnish CAA is also recognized for its high standards and this reflects directly to the quality of flight training.

The most modern training fleet in Europe

Patria has invested heavily into its training fleet and is proud to present the most modern fleet in Europe with glass cockpit experience from the first flight.

Tecnam P2002 JF is the newest addition to Patria´s basic training fleet. Received in May 2011, the new Tecnams set Patria´s basic training offering to an entirely new level of quality. The whole Tecnam fleet is fitted with the most modern equipment including the Garmin 500 avionics suite. It provides trainees with a smooth transition from initial to instrumental training.

Cirrus Sr22 G3 is probably the best single engine training aircraft there is for instrument training purposes. It boasts several extremely useful features for training and safety and comes with the most modern avionics package available, the Cirrus Perspective suite. This Garmin 1000 based package also features a capable digital autopilot.

Patria´s Cirrus fleet comes with FIKI certificate for Flight Into Known Icing conditions, a feature which enables Patria to train its students in actual icing conditions and build up their confidence and knowledge towards real world events. Cirrus is also fast and routinely operates among airliners with the same speed range when practising approaches. Finally, as with all Cirrus aircraft, the fleet is equipped with Cirrus Airframe Parachute System for added safety of the aircraft and its crew.

Military Pilot Training in the ample air space in Finland

Patria has developed the Kauhava Air Force Base into an international military jet pilot training centre together with the Finnish Air Force and the Ministry of Defence. The Nordic Pilot Training Centre offers both advanced and tactical jet training in ample air space using upgraded glass cockpit Hawk jet aircraft. The training, designed to meet the European/NATO training standards, is based on the Finnish Air Force training methods with proven track record and over 10 years experience of training pilots for F-18 Hornet.

The Finnish Air Force has outsourced with great success its elementary and basic pilot training to Patria. Also Finnish Army and Frontier Guard aircraft and helicopter pilots are trained in this training unit located in Tikkakoski, Finland.

Patria’s Part Task Trainer (PTT) for the Hawk Mk.51

The Finnish Air Force and Patria agreed on the cockpit modernisation of the Hawk jet trainers in December 2006 in order to increase the quality of fighter training.  Due to extensive changes in the cockpit, a new Part Task Trainer simulator was also required in 2009.  Patria’s innovative and cost-efficient PTT solution was introduced already in 2010 offering excellent training capabilities and fast deployment to Finnish Air Force Training Air Wing during the same year.

Hawk Mk.51 PTT is based on Patria's training simulator concept used also in the basic trainer aircraft flight training devices at the Finnish Air Force Academy and in the mission computer software testing & development environment at Patria.

The concept offers scalable architecture and A/C fidelity level from Part Task Trainers to more sophisticated Flight Training Devices. The COTS simulation software used in the PTT provides global scenery and complete flight simulation environment. If higher fidelity flight dynamics or national databases are needed, the concept can be extended with external simulations (e.g. simulink models) and IG/databases.

Patria’s aircraft training devices with high reliability and low maintenance cost can be tailored for various other platforms.

Patria – an experienced military aircraft and helicopter life cycle support supplier

With a massive accumulated experience in final assembly of several military aircraft types Patria is able to offer its customers a trustworthy partnership in their needs in aircraft Life Cycle Support. Patria has expanded its competences to cover helicopter Life Cycle Support as well. Patria assembles the NH90 helicopters and their engines as Eurocopter’s sub-contractor for Finland and Sweden and some other countries yet to be defined.  Through assembly work and training attached to it Patria builds up its capabilities for the NH90 LCS.

Strong foothold in Nordic countries

In Sweden Patria Aviation’s Helicopters Unit has maintained their customers’ helicopters for decades. Among other things The Helicopter Unit received a Platinum level in Bell maintenance as one of six awarded out of 140 maintenance sites around the world.

In Norway Patria has already operated for a long time as Patria and the Norwegian state own the defence group Nammo AS with equal stakes. Patria maintains Norwegian helicopters and strengthened its position in the Nordic helicopter maintenance by buying in March 2011 the Norwegian Bardufoss based NAC Maintenance AS (NACM), specialised in helicopter and aircraft maintenance. Patria aims to expand the operations and serve the military and civilian operators especially in the northern Norway.

Furthermore, Nordic cooperation takes place in NH90 project in connection with NORDILS as well as in helicopter engine assembly.

Advanced composite structures

Patria designs and produces composite structures for aerospace industries. The company is also actively involved in the development of new composite manufacturing technologies. Patria’s competences include comprehensive management of projects involving the design, industrialisation and production of aerospace structures. Long-term partnerships and cost efficiency are key success factors in the field.

Patria has participated EU-funded TANGO and ALCAS research programmes. The activities have focused in the development of composite wing ribs using RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) technology. The dimensions of the ribs have varied from 1.5 m by 0.5 m to 2.5 m by 1 m (as demonstrated on Patria´s stand). Additionally Patria has expanded R&D efforts to RTM fuselage frames and automated manufacturing technologies.

Further information:

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Patria is a globally operating defence, security, and aviation group providing customers with competitive solutions based on strong expertise and collaboration with trusted partners. Patria is owned by the State of Finland and the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS N.V.).