Key events for the Systems Business Unit included delivering the modernised Rauma Class Fast Attack Crafts to the Navy, showcasing the new training simulator for the Patria Nemo mortar system, and the launch of the new wireless networking data link called CANDL. Business was consolidated through the divestment of the Systems Business Unit’s space business.

Patria’s key competence areas include systems integration projects, of which the company has acquired solid experience both in Finland and abroad. In these projects, Patria assumes responsibility for the functionality of the overall systems assembled from sub-systems, as well as for the life-cycle management of such systems and software. The successful way in which the modernisation project of the Rauma Class Fast Attack Crafts was carried out constitutes sound proof of Patria’s expertise.

The four Rauma Class Fast Attack Crafts – Rauma, Raahe, Porvoo and Naantali – were delivered to the Navy in March, after the upgrade project, begun in 2010, was completed. This major life-cycle upgrade project for the Rauma class vessels, completed in 1990–1992, will extend their lifespan well into the 2020s, enhancing their performance. Patria was the prime contractor in the project.


In June, Patria showcased the training simulator for the Patria Nemo mortar system at the Eurosatory exhibition. This training simulator creates a realistic, virtual training environment for the provision of training on firing procedures of the Patria Nemo mortar system. The simulator makes use of Patria’s broad expertise, which enables the company to meet the increasingly strict customer requirements set for the Nemo system. The simulator also combines Patria’s long-term experience of aviation training simulators, fire control systems and weapons systems into one product.


Reliable data communications are central to all defence systems: this is also an important area of expertise for Patria. The company has further expanded its offering in the field of secure data communications solutions.

Patria’s new data communications solution, named CANDL (Compact Airborne Networking Data Link), was showcased at the MILCOM 2014 conference in the United States in October. CANDL is designed for applications which require reliable and robust communications, such as transfer of unmanned systems’ payload and control data. CANDL provides a solution to the demands for a compact data link system combining secure control data connection and high data rate.


During February and March, Patria’s Systems Business Unit held cooperation negotiations, resulting to a reduction of 39 employees in the headcount. In the same connection, the Business Unit’s organisation and structure were geared towards meeting the changes in the operating environment.

In December, Patria and RUAG announced the acquisition by RUAG of Patria’s Space Unit, whereby it became part of RUAG’s space business. This transaction also includes Patria’s business operations related to space business. All the 29 employees at the Patria Space Unit, located in Tampere, will be transferred to the employment of RUAG Space Finland, a company recently founded.